VIN Validation

VIN Validation - Superior DMS MarketingreVo’s VIN Validation Program quickly and accurately identifies any vehicles listed in your DMS that have been transferred to a new owner. This verification process saves you from wasting thousands of ad dollars on inaccurate data and allows you to focus your marketing spend only on the most viable customers listed in your database.Why use VIN Validation?
This product is a must-have for dealers who use the following marketing services:

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Service Mailers
  • Equity Tool Mailers
  • KBB® or Black Book® Trade-In Values

How it works:
Our program channels your DMS data through our Dig Deep Analytics Funnel and systematically compares each VIN in your DMS with Vehicle Registration records to confirm if a transfer of ownership has taken place. (See DDA graphic).

Once our system has identified defected customers in your DMS, your store has two options.

1) Omit flagged records from future marketing campaigns, therefore increasing ROI.

2) Allow reVo to create and send an alternate marketing message to lost customers, thus maximizing your recapture efforts.

reVo - Dig Deep Analytics

Cost Savings Examples Using VIN Validation
On average, our clients eliminate 30% of their original marketing list utilizing VIN Validation.

Cost Savings Example Graphic

How to get started:
Contact us at 857-263-7067 or email and request a free demo and quote.

Don’t waste valuable ad dollars marketing to the wrong owner! Contact reVo today!

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