Intelligent Data

reVo is armed with the most advanced analytical, modeling and data targeting tools available in the industry today.

Our proprietary software program, Dig Deep Analytics (DDA) will maximize a client-dealer’s targeting power. reVo’s DDA program has the capability to locate the best buying prospects by accessing the 152 million households in our database. In essence, we can find new markets within markets and uncover unique cross selling opportunities for our clients.

DDA CAN TURN ONE CUSTOMER INTO TWO. Our VIN detection system can recognize defected customers who no longer own the vehicle originally listed on a dealer’s data base. This allows instant access to the new owner of the original car and instantly turns one defected customer into two marketable prospects.

Our DDA’s data management capabilities will DECREASE your mailing sizes, INCREASE response rates, INCREASE the number of vehicles sold, and ultimately INCREASE your Market Share.