How The Success of Your Marketing Can Hinge on The Smallest of Details

Building the best marketing content for your business means optimizing every variable you can control, then working around those you can’t. Some of these will be easy to see: your logo, your branded colors, or the value of offers you can provide to customers. Almost as important, however, are the smaller details that support your big-ticket items. Focusing on things that seem minor can pay dividends later on.

It starts by taking stock of the various smaller ways customers interact with your dealership and locating breaking points that could hamper potential sales. For example: is it easy to find and navigate to your address on your website? Do the white space and justification on your physical mailers supplement the copy? Are there any suggestions you can make to staff or updates to the physical marketing in your dealership?

Asking questions of such minutia is vital to maintaining and growing your customer base. Your answers will determine how effectively you guide your customers along their sales journey. Do it right, and they might not even realize you’re leading them at all.

Optimize the User Experience Online and Off

Large numerical details are easy to quantify and sell: promotions, incentives, trade values. Everything around them, however, matters almost as much. Supplemental content can add real value and little details that move a customer’s attention toward your bigger-ticket items. 

It can be as small as the orientation of a vehicle in your homepage header image. A car’s front is usually more visually appealing than its backside, which serves a more practical purpose. You can thus use the front as a kind of arrow, directing a customer scanning the website to a new promotion you or the OEM just started running. 

How you organize and orient the words and images on your marketing determines how a customer engages with something you provide. As a customer’s eyes move across an ad or webpage, everything on it guides their gaze somewhere. The ends of lines work together to point to an offer. The plainness of a page’s edges reprioritizes its center. A disclaimer well-placed informs but does not interfere.

In short, everything in your marketing serves a purpose, whether you designed that purpose or not. Customers can sometimes even make meaning or purpose where none originally existed, and in doing so, change both altogether. Putting in the work ahead of time allows you to nail down everything you can control, minimizing confusion, and ensuring your message is clear and consistent to the last detail. 

Support People

Your website and your marketing campaigns can attract customers to your show floor, but it takes people on both sides of the table to close the sale. The nuance of customer interaction is, in many ways, much broader and more complex than creating a website or marketing strategy. However, your staff is your greatest asset when it comes to generating sales and creating repeat customers. The numbers back it up, as well.

A Cox Automotive report from mid-2019 notes that sales staff “is the group attributed as the ‘top driver of buyer satisfaction.’” Moreover, 37% of those interviewed saw the salesperson as the reason they were happy with their car buying experience, more than double both the price they paid and the speed of the process1.

It makes sense. A customer might spend weeks glancing back and forth at your website or your mailer, but even the best material receives only a fraction of the attention your salespeople will see. You can help enhance a customer’s time and a salesperson’s success by focusing on simple things. And it really can be simple and small and still make a huge difference.

Smiling is always the first step. A natural smile, a bright voice, and an open posture are inviting both physically and emotionally and make the customer feel at ease and welcome. Pair those with the courtesy of speed and efficiency, and you’ll have gone a long way to earning a new customer’s trust and a returning customer’s continued business. 

Perhaps more importantly, effective salespeople can create additional business beyond just those who come in your showroom ready to buy. A report by InMoment states 75% of loyal customers will recommend a brand to friends and family2. When your salespeople build strong relationships with your customers, then they expand the reach of your brand and your business. 

They can do even more in a few words by pushing established customers to your service drive instead of seeing them defect to outside vendors. A report from and GfK notes that customers move to third-party service providers due to pricing concerns3. You might not control how other places price maintenance or decrease your prices to match, but you don’t have to. Explain instead the value of your service people’s expertise, specialty, and trustworthiness, and you lessen the impact of cost. 

If they don’t already, your employees can take a few minutes of the customer’s time to share how your prices compete with third party establishments. People are willing to pay for quality service they can trust, especially if they know the outcomes are positive and consistent. As the report states, “Once knowledgeable about actual price ranges, consumers recognize dealerships are only a little bit more expensive, and many are willing to pay the difference.”3 You’ll make sure the customer knows your mechanics provide higher quality service on their vehicle, and that they’ll experience top-notch customer service from a business they know well: yours.

No Detail Too Small

There are too many small considerations to properly list when it comes to either your marketing or customer engagement. However, you can and should take stock of every one you can think of, no matter how trivial they may seem. Your customers will appreciate you for taking the time and are more likely to reward you with repeat business for years to come.


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